Data from published studies

Since 2011, we have posted links so others can download behavioral data files from our lab's published studies. As of June 2015, data are available for 25 studies by following links on our publications page.

Pictures used in Mather & Nesmith (2008) and Mather, Gorlick, & Nesmith (2009)

This set of 72 matched pairs of pictures (each pair has one arousing and one neutral picture; 48 pairs are neutral-negative and 24 are neutral-positive) is available in three separate zip files for research purposes. 

Highly arousing negative pictures with neutral matches.
Moderately arousing negative pictures with neutral matches.
Moderately arousing positive pictures with neutral matches.

Mather, M., & Nesmith, K. (2008). Arousal-enhanced location memory for pictures. JML, 58, 449-464. PDF

Driving game used in Mather, Gorlick, & Lighthall (2009)

This 5-minute driving game provides a measure of risky decision making, as participants get points the more they drive during yellow lights, but risk losing all the points if the light turns red while they are driving. It is a modified version of the driving game described in Gardner and Steinberg (2005) that Steinberg and Sheldrick created (see citations below).

Driving game in Mac and PC versions. How to find output file

Sheldrick, R. C. (2004). Social networks and degree of psychopathy among adolescent offenders (Doctoral dissertation, Temple University, 1990). Dissertation Abstracts International, 65(3-B), 1564.

Gardner, M., & Steinberg, L. (2005). Peer influence on risk-taking, risk preference, and risky decision-making in adolescence and adulthood: An experimental study. Developmental Psychology, 41 , 625-635.

Mather, M., Gorlick, M. A., & Lighthall, N. R. (2009). To brake or accelerate when the light turns yellow? Stress reduces older adults' risk taking in a driving game. Psychological Science, 20, 174-176. PDF